Calendar of Events – March 2010

March 8 – 12: Bring a Friend Week
March 10 – 16: Girl Scout Week
March 12 (Friday): Buddy Bash – 7 – 11 PM
March 15 – 20: Stripe Testing Week (FishHawk Campus)
March 19 (Friday): Academic All-Star Awards Ceremony (7:00 PM)
March 20: Women’s Self-Defense Workshop (12:30 – 1:30)
March 27 (Saturday): Black Belt Club Monthly Seminar – 10 AM
March 31 (Wednesday): Early Release (Hillsborough County)

NOTE: Calendar of Events Subject to Change without Notice. You can find detailed descriptions of this information, plus the rest of the 2010 calendar by visiting our website at:

Calendar of Events – April 2010

March 29 – April 3: Stripe Testing and Pre-Tests, All Paperwork and Fees for Testing are Due (FishHawk Campus)
April 5 – 9: Testing Week (FishHawk Campus)
April 10: Sidekicks (FishHawk Campus) Annual Cook-Out and Promotion Ceremony at Alderman’s Ford Park – Noon to 3 PM.
April 12 – 16: Spring Break Belt Advancement Camp
April 21 (Wednesday): Early Release (Hillsborough County)
April 23 (Friday): Buddy Bash – 7 – 11 PM
April 24 (Saturday): Black Belt Club (FishHawk Campus)
April 24 (Saturday): Testing (New Tampa Campus)
April 24 (Saturday): 30 Hour Famine (See Article for details)
April 30 (Friday): Promotion Ceremony (New Tampa Campus)

NOTE: Calendar of Events Subject to Change without Notice. You can find detailed descriptions of this information, plus the rest of the 2010 calendar by visiting our website at:

Substance of Success

Those who keep talking about how much they’ve accomplished, haven’t accomplished much at all. Those who blame others for their lack of progress, won’t ever get much done.

Those who spend all their time making promises, never get around to following through on those promises. Those who are skilled at finding fault won’t ever find a way to create value.

Success happens when you stop talking and start doing. Achievement happens when you stop dealing in promises and start taking action.
Instead of making elaborate impressive plans, get busy taking small, effective steps. Instead of striving to convince others of what you’re doing to do, attract their attention and support by virtue of what you’ve already done.

Make substance your stock in trade. Make real, meaningful value the standard by which you work and live and evaluate your progress.
Put your energy not into appearing impressive, but into getting good, solid, valuable results. For they are what will make an unforgettable, undeniable, positive impression.

Weight Loss Challenge still going strong!

After 4 weeks of competition, this is where we are. If you haven’t taken advantage of our Warrior X-fit classes, you should get in here ASAP! They’re so much fun!

Denise Graf, -7.29%
Elijah Heath, -6.29%
Manny Cabrera, -5.89%
Mara Shaughnessey, -5.81%
Penny Little, -5.40%
Bill Ludka, -4.21%
Liz Hanson, -3.52%
Eric Follstad, -3.44%
Dana Lana, -2.72%
Scott Michie, -2.62%
Shara Lawson, -2.00%
Laura Stone, -1.00%
Susie Jones, NR

Keep up the great work!

Just Added! Women’s Self-Defense Workshop March 20th

Looking to stay in shape?
Martial arts is the perfect solution. Not only is it an amazing workout, but you’ll also learn self-defense and work off all that everyday stress.
And the best thing is, you can invite your friends to come and take this FREE, NO OBLIGATION Workshop with you!
Space is limited, call Sidekicks – (813) 661-2224 to reserve your spot.

Personal Achievement Theme: Strong Character

Strong Character is an important for someone to be truly successful in life. Below is the character workshop for the month of March.

Testing is Around the Corner

Testing is a little less than six weeks away. We’re excited about all the hard work every one of you are doing. Students should be practicing their forms at home and reviewing the verbal portions of our curriculum. During these next few weeks we’re diving further into our Self-protection and kickboxing requirements.
Remember to bring your Curriculum journals to class everytime, not just to be able to receive your stripes towards testing eligibility, but also to write down any notes that you feel would be important to remember during your martial arts journey. Mr. Cabrera has whole bookshelves in his office of information that he’s kept in order to remember.

Sign up now for the Spring Break Belt Advancement Camp!

Over the past few years, SIDEKICKS has begun a tradition of exciting, holiday camps full of learning and fun. This Spring Break will be no different. SIDEKICKS will hold its annual Spring Break Camp the week of April 12th through the 16th. This fun and exciting camp will be used this year as a Belt Advancement Camp. Meaning that students that participate in this camp, after having just passed their exam a week earlier will have the opportunity to learn everything they need to test for their next belt rank and get 30 hours of learning and practice. On the last day of camp, we’ll hold an exam and test for their next belt level. Student’s could go back to school with a whole new belt level! This is great for students that love to learn and are excited by learning new things. In addition, students will participate in learning games, conditioning drills, character development and best of all FUN! We’re excited about this Spring Break Camp and look forward to seeing all the students at the event. The cost for the camp is $175 ($125 for the camp, $50 for the exam) per student. All Little Dragons, Juniors, and Teens may participate in the camp. Students that are 1st Degree Black Recommended, Level IV may participate in the camp, but are not eligible for rank advancement to 1st Degree Black Belt.
9 AM to 3 PM (Early Drop off after 7:00, Late Pick-up by 6:30)

Feed the World… on an empty stomach

First, the bad news.
25,000 kids under age 5 will die today… most of them because of hunger, poverty, and disease.
13,000 of those kids will die just from causes related to hunger. That’s one child every seven seconds.
But here’s the good news.
It doesn’t have to be this way. World hunger is totally, absolutely, one hundred percent preventable. You and your (temporarily) empty stomach can do something about it. That’s right. You’re the answer that millions of hungry people are waithing for.
Saturday, April 24th and Sunday, April 25th Sidekicks will be participating in a world-wide fundraising effort to end hunger for World Vision called 30 Hour Famine
How Famine Works.
30 Hour Famine is simple. You commit to going 30 hours without food…raise money…hang out with friends…and help save lives. The best part? It totally works.
How? Every $30 you raise can help feed and care for a child for a month. Let’s put it this way. If you get just 12 people to give you $30 each, you can help feed and care for a child for a whole year!
This event is geared most towards our students 5th grade and above, however all students are welcome to participate and contribute and raise funds. Please see Mr. Cabrera for more information and to pick up your donations envelope.
We will be doing a special presentation in class about the 30HR Famine at the Academic All-Star Challenge Ceremony and in class the following week.
Watch the promo video here:
For more information, please see Mr. Cabrera or contact the school at (813) 661-2224

About Sidekicks

Since 2003, SIDEKICKS Family Martial Arts Centers has been bringing communities like yours the very best in self-protection, character development, and fitness instruction. Our instructors are personally selected for not only their skill and achievement in martial arts, but also for their ability to effectively relate that knowledge and understanding to students of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, our instructors continuously undergo advanced training in self-defense skills, and each and every one keeps abreast of the latest teaching methods and human development.
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