One program that has been a long standing tradition at SIDEKICKS has been the STARS Program.  STARS stands for Students Taking A Responsible Stand.  The program was originally devised as a way to catch students doing good at home, school and in the martial arts.  This reinforces the work and reward process that is the foundation of Choong-Sil, or Constant and Never-ending Improvement.  The program went on a sort of hiatus last year because the record-keeping was pretty difficult for the instructors to keep track of.  So, this month, the Sidekicks STARS program has been revamped to more reward students for their hard work in the desired black belt behaviors as well as put the keeping track of their points towards stars on the students.  Each Little Dragon, and Junior student will receive a STARS point tracking sheet that they will present for the instructors to initial when points are earned.  When they reah the 25 point for a red star, they just turn in the sheet and get their star. We believe that the STARS program will continue to help students make progress towards being their best.  New to the STARS program is a section for Teens & Adult students.  Now the purpose behind the STARS for these age groups is different than it is for the kids.  Teens and adults can earn their stars to wear on their uniform for acts of kindness, setting and achieving personal betterment goals (such as weightloss, repairing a relationship, etc.), community service, and even learning new things (such as reading a book from Mr. Cabrera’s recommended reading list). While the STARS themselves may not be a motivation, in and of itself for the Teens & Adults, the earning of them sets a good example to others that you take Black Belt Excellence and self-improvement seriously.  Included is a list of what students in this age group can do to earn stars.

  • Red Star = 25 Points

  • Gold Star = For every 100th point

  • Blue Star = Can be awarded by a student’s parent to their child for a particularly huge success or teen/adult that achieved a really big personal goal(requires Chief Instructor’s approval)

  • Black Star = Awarded by the Chief Instructor to highlight a student who stands out for black belt effort

  • Red/White/Blue Star = Given to the student of the month so everyone knows he/she was student of the month.

 Academic Success:

  • Bring in a report card w/all A’s (10 points)

  • Bring in a report card w/all A’s & B’s (8 pts)

  • Top Marks in Conduct (4 pts)

  • Conduct Improvement (2 points)

  • Grade Improvement from Progress Report (2 pts)

  • Perfect Attendance (2 pts.)

  • Special Award (Student of the week, etc.) (2 pts)

Personal Successes:

  • Complete monthly practice sheet (1 pt. per month)

  • Complete 4 weekly job lists (5 pts)

  • Complete Respect Worksheet (1 pt)

  • Complete Self-Discipline Worksheet (1 pt)

  • Read a book from the Recommended Reading list and write a paragraph describing how you can apply what you’ve learned to your life. (10 pts)

 Martial Arts Successes:

  • Perfect Attendance – min 2 classes per week for 1 month (2 pts.)

  • Complete a POWerful Words Project Sheet (5 points)

  • Earn a stripe on your belt (1 pt)

  • Take your next belt exam (5 pts)

  • Participate in a SIDEKICKS events (3 pts)

  • Participate in a SIDEKICKS sponsored charity or community service event (10 pts)


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