Things are really starting to get exciting here at Sidekicks.  As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the Valrico/Lithia location will be moving from its current facility to is own building just down the road on FishHawk Blvd.

The reason for the move is simple.  We wanted a better looking, more efficient, more professional space to be the visual representation of what SIDEKICKS has become over the past several years—the premier self-protection and personal development center in the Tampa Bay area.  The new facility is 4,000 square feet and will feature improved parking, wireless internet, separate training and viewing areas, a special after-school room, and a Pro-Shop area.  We will also undergo the transition of replacing all of our training equipment with our own private label brand.

With all of this excitement going on it might be easy to overlook the actual martial arts instruction, but that’s just not true.  In fact, we’ll be adding even more exciting martial arts classes.  This includes a new schedule with classes that are more convenient for families with kids of all ages.  We’ll also be adding separate adults-only (18+) martial arts classes.  Within a few months we’ll also add a Home School Martial Arts program and kickboxing to the schedule.  We’ll also continue with the award winning POWerful Words program that has helped so much with the character development of our Little Dragons and Juniors.

Even though there are a lot of positives going along with this move it is still a precarious time for our martial arts school.  It will be a while before the general public is fully aware of our new location and just wonder into our doors.  I encourage each of you to support the school at this time by telling your friends and neighbors about the exciting program we have at SIDEKICKS, invite them to Buddy Bash, give them a Kono magazine, or invite your co-workers, MOMS club members, Boy/Girl Scout Troops and Den Leaders to try our program.  SIDEKICKS continues to stay strong through the addition of new white belts.

I am really excited about this new move and not just because I get an office with a closet.  It will provide us new opportunities for growth.  Regardless of where we are, a martial arts school is not the building it’s in but the students working towards black belt excellence and I am very happy and blessed to be associated with each and every one of you.

Mr. Cabrera is a 4th Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers.  He can be reached by calling the Valrico/Lithia School or by e-mail at

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