During the summer months, one of the biggest things

we notice is that children especially are unfulfilled and

restless because their regular routine has changed and

they no longer have the normalcy they are accustomed

to during the school year. Consequently, parents can

experience behavior problems because their children

are having difficulty coping with the change in their

routine. Structure is good for children and in fact, they

crave it. Sidekicks’ summer camp programs provide a

routine and structure that is also fun AND educational,

making the most of their summer and letting them get

the most out of their summer.

For students that wish to participate in our all-summer

camp program (in lieu of daycare) the camp themes

will be announced shortly (or we can e-mail them to

you, just send an e-mail to Mr. Cabrera or Master

Cabrera). However, today, we just wanted to highlight

a few that might interest students in our Basic, Black

Belt Club, and Elite/Leadership programs:

High Intensity Camp (June 16 – 20; July 14 – 18):

These camps, formerly called Intensive Training

Camps feature our entire exciting martial arts curriculum

in the course of 5 action packed days. New this

year will be one day of joint martial arts training between

both schools and a Friday morning workout at

the park (plus a little play-time). This camp promises

to be more action packed than ever. Plus, with testing

on July 19th, students will be better prepared than ever.

Extreme Sparring Camp (June 30 – July 3rd): Learn

super sparring strategies that will help your selfdefense

skills as well as strategies to win tournaments.

New this year will be a Sparring Camp tournament on

the last day of camp between both schools to put all of

those new skills and drills into practice.

Grappling Camp (July 28 – August 1): Last year, this

camp was the most popular camp of the summer and

students raved about it for months. This year, we’ve

expanded the camp to a full 5 days as well as going to

introduce new techniques and strategies learned from

some of the top fighters in Mixed Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Acrobatics Camp (August 11-13): Have

you ever wanted to learn how to do all of those jumping

techniques like in the movies or of TV. Well, this

camp is for you! We’ll be focusing on learning the basics

of these “kicknastic” like movements. Now previous

tumbling experience required!

Extreme Taekwon-Do Overnight Camp w/Grandmaster

Hardin in Apopka, FL (August 29, 30, 31): This camp

is one that is a MUST for the serious Taekwon-Do student

and represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to

train with a legend in the martial arts: Grandmaster

Robert Hardin, founder of the CTF and creator of the

Discipline forms that the Black Belt Recommended

students learn.

The enrollment sheet is now available online for the

camps at our website: www.sidekicks-online.com/

newletter.html. You can find it in the newsletter section.

All the camps, except for the overnight camp cost

$125 per person to participate. The overnight camp

with Grandmaster Hardin will be $200 (which includes

everything). We understand that to participate in everything

this summer can be pretty expensive, especially

with high gasoline prices. That is why SIDEKICKS is

willing to break-up payments for camps this summer.

Just come in and discuss with Mr. Cabrera to work out

a payment plan. A 10% discount will be given to students

that sign up for all 6 camps and pay-in-full.

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