Spring Break for Hillsborough County is coming up April 7 – 11. That means it’s time for SIDEKICKS’ annual Spring Break Camp. This year we have a fun and exciting High Intensity Camp for Little Dragons, Juniors, and Teens. Over the past few years, SIDEKICKS has begun a tradition of exciting, holiday camps full of learning and fun. This Spring Break will be no different.
SIDEKICKS will hold its annual Spring Break Camp the week of April 7th through the 11th. This fun and exciting camp will not onlyfeature our full martial arts curriculum to get ready for the April testing but also fun grappling, sparring, and even padded sword training.

Students who attend this exciting Spring Break camp will participate in the following:

Monday Demo / Performance Martial Arts.
Forms, kicks and choreographed moves to music. Creating choreographed self defense. Adding emotions and intensity to the demo. Lunch Break. Forms review for testingDemo review. Demo—performance for the first afternoon class

Tuesday Weapons Day Nunchaku spins, hand transfers, catches, figure eights etc. Nunchaku Form. Escrima / Arnis— Basic Strikes. Lunch. Bo Staff—Spins and strikes. Basic form Padded Swords— Strikes, drawing foot maneuvers and defense.

Wednesday—Sparring Day Foot work, kicks, hand combinations, hand to foot and foot to hand combinations. Sparring combosfor Rotation 2. Sparring games. Rhythm Sparring. Learning the rules and strategies of competitive sparring. Learning to judge and light sparring matches. Lunch. Sparring Games.

Thursday—Safety and Self Defense Day Adventures of the Steal Proof Master Movie Role Playing Self protection skills. Lunch
911 system Grappling / Jiu-jitsu— rolling, sweeps, guards,mounts and submissions

Friday Extreme Martial Arts Day Flips, Tricks, Spins, Everything it takes to become an extreme martial artist.

[p]We’re excited about this Spring Break Camp andlook forward to seeing all the students at the event. The cost for the camp is $120 per student. All Little Dragons, Juniors, and Teens may participate in the camp.SPRING BREAK CAMP: April 7—11 9 AM to 3 PM (Early Drop off after 7:00, Late Pick-up by 6:30) [/p]

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