Earlier this month in the newsletter and through several e-mails, we announced that SIDEKICKS-FishHawk and New Tampa were going to change our schedules. This is primarily to accommodate the new adult programs, Warrior X-Fit and Keysi Fighting Method. However, with this schedule change we’re also going forward with an expansion of the benefits given to Black Belt Club and Leadership Training Students. This is primarily taking shape in the form that classes for BBC/LT students will now be 55 minutes instead of the current 40 that all the juniors currently enjoy. If your child is a BBC or LT student this will be the equivalent of getting an extra class-times worth of instruction each week (if you’re coming 3 or more times) creating an invaluable training opportunity at no extra charge.


Some of you in the Basic training program have expressed a desire to learn more about black belt club. In light of the new benefits to Black Belt training and Leadership training I’m inviting you to come to the Black Belt Club meeting this Satuday at 10 AM. There you can participate in the class as well as learn more about the particulars of the program from me. Sort of as a primer before you come, here are some of the requirements to be in the Black Belt Club:

Student Requirements


We expect Black Belt Club Members to:

1) Commit to study Taekwon-Do through Black Belt.

2) Persevere by attending class regularly and practicing daily.

3) Work hard at school, Taekwon-Do and at home.

4) Respect all adults especially their parents and teachers.

5) Demonstrate integrity and self-control at all activities.

6) Set the highest goals in life, especially that of indomitable spirit.


Adult Students/Parental Support


We expect parents to support their Black Belt student by:

1) Maintaining a positive attitude toward the school and toward the Black Belt program.

2) Bringing the student to class on time and encouraging the student to attend two lessons every week.

3) Maintaining the overall health of the student by providing nutritious meals and enforcing adequate sleep habits.

4) Spending time every evening reviewing school work, reading aloud, or reviewing Black Belt lessons.

5) Giving consistent and informed feedback to the instructor in the Black Belt program.

6) Attending Black Belt Club seminars and Awards Ceremonies.

7) Be current with all tuition, fees, and annual dues.


If you’re going to take me up on my invitation, please e-mail me back and let me know so I can put you on the list and block out about 5 minutes to talk more about BBC with you.


Mr. Cabrera

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