INITIATIVE  A Powerful WordThis month our Powerful Word will be “impulse control.”

Impulse Control is the second concept in our three month curriculum aimed at empathic goal-setting, problem-solving and relationship management. We will continue to show how to manage our own actions as our choices affect others.

Impulse Control refers to the ability to stop, think, and choose wisely before acting. When we use impulse control, we don’t do the 1st thing that “pops into our heads.”

During the month, we will talk to young students about how, just like a traffic light, our brain needs to tell our bodies when to stop (red light!), slow down (yellow light!) and go (green light!). We will also help students think through the safety and fairness of a solution.

Older students will apply the “Powerful S.T.E.P. Procedure” to everyday problems:

• S– Stop or Slow Down

• T– Think through problems

• E– Evaluate solutions

• P– Pick & Proceed

Recent studies tell us that impulse control not only has short term benefits but long term advantages too! Children with high self-control — who are better able to pay attention and suppress impulsivity– are much more likely to find and retain jobs as adults than those who had low self control as children (Psychological Science, 2015).

The research confirms the findings of the famous “marshmallow study,” which found that children who were able resist eating a marshmallow placed in front of them in order to get two of them later had better academic success as adolescents!

We look forward to partnering with you on impulse control!

Here’s to your success!

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