Citizenship is more than simply being a member of a community. It’s a powerful word that reflects how we behave towards our community as well as how we respond to it when it’s in need.

Whether we are referring to our school, our local area or of the world at large, as citizens it’s important that we act with respect and respond in a caring, helpful and responsible manner.

The amazing thing about citizenship is that its effects are so far-reaching. One small act can help those in nearby communities but it can also help those in distant countries– or those in years to come! Acts of recycling help keep our environment healthy now and in the future. Following the rules and laws set out by our communities help to keep those in our towns and cities safe. Contributing to charity can provide others with healthier, more satisfying, productive lives. And let’s not forget, being a good citizen has its own rewards; the satisfaction and fulfilment that comes from being a helpful, thoughtful, and fruitful contributor of society.

A study out this year entitled “It Starts with Character: Inspiring Kids & Teens to Volunteer” found that children and teens who have more exposure to character-building skills, such as sharing, being
kind and helping others, are more likely to volunteer in their communities, and more likely to volunteer with greater frequency (February, 2012).

A cyclical effect is born. In the same study, 88% of parents and 93% of teachers believe that volunteering, in turn, provides opportunities for children to build character. We’re so proud that we teach character and promote volunteering as part of our community!

As always, one of the best ways to reinforce Powerful Words is by modelling strength of character ourselves. Share with your children all the ways you’ve shown citizenship to help those close to home as well as those who live far away.

We thank you for your support. You are pivotal in helping to make our school one of the best Martial Arts and personal development centers in the world.

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