I’ve already spoke to a bunch of you. However,this Friday, Iron Man 2 is hitting the theaters and we want to go see it with you! We’re going to go see Iron Man 2 at the theaters this Friday night and then sleepover at the school. We’ll eat pizza, you guys bring your video games, cards, and board games and we’ll have a fun time of it. Then, the next morning we’ll wake up and train like rock stars during the 9:30 Teen/Adult class. So, here’s the plan.
6:30 PM – Arrival: Be my special guest and try-out a preview class of our new Mixed Martial Arts Program.
7:30 PM – Change and Scarf down some Pizza
8:00 – 8:15 PM – Leave the school and head for the movie theater (We’re gonna go to the Premier Cinema’s in Plant City because it tends to have less people at it).
9:00 PM – Iron Man 2!!!!!
Later – Come back to the school and party like rock stars
8:30 AM – Instructor / SWAT Training Class
9:30 AM – Teen/Adult TKD Class
10:30 AM – Go Home, Please. No. Really, I mean it!
If you want to go, send me an e-mail right now and let me know so I can start tallying the number of people. The cost for the whole night is $25. That includes food, transportation, and. movie ticket. Let me know ASAP since this is happening Friday.

Mr. Cabrera

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