Mrs. Cabrera, the boys, and I did the tour de Florida this Thanksgiving Weekend.  We hit both of her grandparents homes, plus the Magic Kingdom before having really good days at home and with friends.

While at her paternal grandmother’s home in Williston, FL, we stayed in the master bedroom (her grandma insisted since it was the biggest bedroom and we have TWO pack n’plays – twins remember?).  That also meant that it was the first time I had ever been in the master bathroom.  Nothing really to report there, except up in an acrylic shadow box next to the mirror was a list of ten rules to make every day a great day.  I’ve recounted them here for you with my own thoughts:

1)  Think Good Things Will Happen.

2) Express Gratitude to a Loved One.

3) Put Your Gripes Away in a box.

4) Be Patient with an Annoying Person.

5) Do Something Special for Yourself.

6) Reach Out to Someone who needs Comfort.

7) Focus Deeply on Each Moment.

8) Learn from a Mistake.

9) Look Closely at a flower or a tree you haven’t noticed before.

10) Smile.

What do you think?  What would you add?  How do you struggle to do these simple things?  What can we do to get out of our own self-centeredness that I see in my self and in people I encounter everyday?

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