The unfortunate fact of gun culture in America is that the majority of people involved are more concerned about their right to own guns (legislation and exercising their rights), the guns themselves, or sportsman activities than they are about actually using their firearm for self-defense. A recent ABC news piece (embedded above) demonstrated that even with more training than is customarily given during most concealed carry permit classes, that most people are still unable to effectively defend themselves with their firearm.

A variety of factors go into why they weren’t able to protect themselves, but the underlying principle is a lack of training in being able to draw and operate their weapon while under stress. Counter Assault Training Systems (C.A.T.S.) focuses specifically on stress innoculation training to keep people moving forward when they’re attacked and not freezing up or fumbling with their weapon. Our core principles focus specifically on drill and practice of effective techniques that can still be recalled during and adrenal stress response.

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