13912811_10154425149819704_8038478016265037082_nFamilies today are busy. Families are so busy, in fact, they often complain that while they share a house, they live completely separate lives. As a result, good parenting has become next to impossible for many parents with the evolution of new lifestyles and practices slowly and gradually affecting their children. Below are some parenting tips for busy families:

Build Parent to Child Relationship

To have a good relationship with your child, you need to secure some family time within your busy schedule to do some fun things together. Both parents should participate in this mechanism to bring an equal responsibility concept at home.

Effective Parenting “3Fs.”

a). Firm: Parents must be very firm when dealing with children once a rule is broken. You should be able to stick to the agreed disciplinary actions. When the child has broken a rule, enforce the action without compromising.

b). Fairness: The action done against the breakage of the rule should be seen to be fair. Children should be explained the consequences they can expect when they do wrong always.

c). Friendly: Be firm when explaining to children any mistake they have done, but also be friendly when doing so to foster a good relationship with them always.

Positive Parenting Rewards

Reward your kids when they do well in any aspect. Daily motivations and a rewards system will encourage them to do even better. Foster and create that environment at home. Children will respond positively towards this system to make good behaviors.

Always Praise for an Achievement

Make sure that you always praise your child or children whenever they have achieved something good. Every good step the child makes in life should be followed with praise.

Excellent Listening Skills

As a parent, you must develop very good listening skills towards your children. Try to be kind and not interrupting when they are talking. Respond by saying back to them the words they have spoken.

There are many skills and tips which today’s parents can adopt to shape their children’s lives even with their busy lives. However, more learning and open-mindedness will help them to understand many skill and tips. Attending parental advisory workshops, seminars, and symposiums can also help a great deal to have effective parenting.

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