We’re gonna try something new to help encourage more regular blog posting on our part.  We syndicate Dr. Robyn’s blog onto our website, however, we’re interested in more content generated by us.  Since I don’t produce tons of articles every month (at lease things that would be just for our blog), I thought I would steal an idea from a couple of other blogs and give a regular accounting of what’s going on.  So, here’s the first episode.

Three on Thursday:

1.  I hope that you got my e-mail or read our post about the tournament on March 14th.  We’re very excited about this event, especially the visit by Grandmaster Hardin.

Just a few quick notes about getting ready.

  • Go to sparring classes.  Those will help you get ready to spar at the tournament.
  • This Saturday at 10 AM we will be holding the judges clinic and certification for FL regional judges.  It is highly encouraged that all Black Belts attned this training.  Please download the rules and read them before this Saturday.  We want to practice judgeing, not learn what the rules are.

2.  The Buddy Bash is tomorrow!  This is a great way to introduce martial arts to your child’s friends.  We’ve positioned this event to be both affordable and fun. Rememebr, we need to have all of your buddy’s information in order for them to stay.  You can download the form by clicking going to http://sidekicks.me/UploadedDocs/BuddyBashSignUp.pdf.

3. We’re really excited about last weekends instructor training module and are looking forward to the one on the 21st of March.  All students should have the required text read in its entirety by the 21st because what we discuss will be heavily influenced by the book.

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