Have you ever won a trophy? How about a SIX FOOT TALL TROPHY? Our annual trophy contest officially Kicks Off January 17th and runs through March 30th. Then, on April 1st at the Promotion Celebration, we will be drawing a name out of the “hat” to determine who takes the gigantic trophy home! You can earn chances to win the trophy by earning tickets. The more tickets you have in the “hat” the better your odds of taking home the SIX FOOT TROPHY.

The ticket contest was designed because we wanted a fun way that motivated and rewarded students for doing well. It is our philosophy at SIDEKICKS to catch students doing good rather than bad. Positive reinforcement of desired behaviors in children and adults makes for better long term improvement. And like so many of the beneficial things we do at SIDEKICKS it’s fun!

How to earn tickets…

  • · Every Class you attend, you earn one ticket.
  • · Every class we will pick the student who tried the hardest, they earn 5 tickets!
  • · If you pass out 100 Flyers or Door Hangers in your neighborhood, you earn 50 Tickets!
  • · Schedule a Karate Demonstration at your school, church, Scout meeting, etc, you earn 50 tickets!
  • · Schedule a “Show and Tell” Teach-In with Mr. Cabrera, at your school, earn 50 tickets!
  • · Bring a friend and his/her parents during buddy week, earn 25 tickets!
  • · If any of your friends that you recommended to our program enroll, you earn 100 tickets!
  • · Get a SIDEKICKS T-Shirt, earn 25 Tickets!
  • · Place a SIDEKICKS Rack Card Display in a local business, earn 25 tickets!
  • · Honor Roll Report Card or better, earn 10 tickets!
  • · Enroll in Black Belt Club or Leadership Training, earn 100 tickets.
  • · Attend Black Belt Club Meetings, earn 3 tickets!
  • · Attend any of our Power Events, Fun Events, or Special Events 5 tickets
  • · Earn a stripe, earn two tickets!

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