"Teaching children martial arts or any activity is more than a one size fits all process. It requires a real understanding of physical, emotional, intellectual, and social milestones the reach at different ages and helping them exceed those expectations." — Manny Cabrera III, Chief Instructor at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts in Lithia, FL



Twelve members of FishHawk Ranch based personal development center Sidekicks Family Martial Arts became certified as children’s instructors on Saturday, June 2nd. In addition to being able to perform the physical skills of the martial arts to a high skill level, they learned the 10 essential lessons an instructor needs to know in order to teach great classes to any age group and help their students become champions at life from the inside out.

"I tell people a lot at my events that I think parents have the greatest job in the whole world, followed closely by teachers and entertainers," says Melody Shuman, children’s curriculum expert and facilitator for the instructor certification course. "I think being a martial arts instructor is awesome because you get to be a little bit of all three and that’s what today was all about– learning how to do it and bring out the best in kids."

Manny Cabrera III, chief instructor at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers says, "I’m really excited to be able to provide this type of training for our instructors and advanced class leaders. Martial art training is such a powerful vehicle to prepare children and even adults to be successful in life. As this community’s premier Powerful Personal development center we take that role in the lives of our younger students very seriously. It’s why many of our students’ parents tell us that their children don’t want to leave after class is over and that they’re eagerly looking forward to coming the next time. I feel that it’s one of the things that makes our school unique and We’re thrilled to help our students and our community to thrive and succeed; this children’s instructor certification is another way our team does it."

Thomas Foss, John DuBravec, Taina Jones, Abby Eskridge, Jennifer Griffin, Samantha Egger, Shawn Jones, Cameron Egger, Devin Hogan, Alex Lapeiretta, Loreto Lapeiretta, Manny Cabrera III, and Master Manny Cabrera Jr. all participated in the children’s instructor program.

"Sidekicks Family Martial Arts’ strong curriculum and the Powerful Words Character Development system provide our students with the opportunities to become UNSTOPPABLE in life. These lessons will remain with our students for life and we’re honored to help them achieve the success that they deserve” says Cabrera.

Manny Cabrera III is the Chief Instructor of Sidekicks Family Martial Arts and has helped thousands of kids, teens, and adults to embrace a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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