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I hope that your Friday is off to a fantastic start. I know that it’s been a little while since I’ve sent out a regular email with all the information about what’s going on here at Sidekicks, but I’ve kinda got a really good excuse.

As I’m sure you’ve heard my wife Jessica and I welcomed our third child, Gabriel Asher, into the world on August 27th. He’s a handsome guy (just like his dad)! Mom is doing well and we’re slowly adjusting to life as a family of five as opposed to a family of four. Gabe’s older brothers are curious about their little brother, but of course they quickly go back to playing with their toys in that way toddlers do. Thank you so much for your kind words in the hallway and on Facebook. My wife and I are very greatful for your encouragement along the way.

Over the next few weeks we have a lot of special events going on here at Sidekicks and I just wanted to send you this message to keep you up to date on what’s going on. There’s a lot of information that’s pertinent to children and adults coming up so I suggest you check it out.

As always, you can get the details for all events coming up by visiting: http://www.sidekicks.me/events



Grand Opening Event: Saturday, September 8 (11-4)

This weekend Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers and Busciglio Smiles are celebrating our Grand Opening on Saturday, September 8th from 11 AM to 4 PM. We’ll be giving tours of our awesome new facilities, there will be food, games, face painting, and more. The gang at Busciglio Smiles is even raffling off an entire Invisalign package!

I wanted to celebrate our Grand Opening with something really awesome. You see, my family has been really blessed by our community and most recently by the birth of our third child just this past week. So, on our Grand Opening day, I personally want to give a gift to the community. We will be holding a special Bully Proof Seminar from 11:30 to 12:30 and a Women’s Self-Defense Seminar from 1 to 3:00. Both of these seminars are being offered to your family 100% FREE. Space is limited and I hope that you take advantage.

Register for this awesome event online: http;//www.sidekicks.me/grandopening


September NinjaNight – Friday, September 14th

Our Junior’s & Little Dragon students love this event because they can come to the school and have fun, eat pizza, play games, do some fun martial arts moves and watch a movie. Mom’s and Dad’s Love this event because they can go out for a fun evening without the kids. And BEST of ALL! Students get to invite a buddy to come along for all the fun. The event is $10 per person.

To register and to let your friends know where to get all the information.



Download your Powerful Projects / They’re due Sept. 21

The Powerful Words Character Development system is one of the cornerstones our school’s curriculum is built on for ALL ages. Part of the Powerful Words program is some take home study in which we ask our students to really contemplate on their own about the Powerful Word of the Month. Those Powerful Projects are due by September 21.

It’s a great opportunity to spend some time in contemplation or have a conversation with your child about the Powerful Word and how you can make these character traits real part of the character of our martial arts school and our families.

As the #1 Personal Development Center in our area, we are proud to bring you the internationally acclaimed Personal Development System, Powerful Words. Designed by our very own Child Development Expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman.

This month, the Powerful Word of the month is Discipline, one of the most important character traits that your children can develop as they become leaders here, at school and in life. In order to make your life a little easier, I thought I’d go ahead and send you the links to download all of your Powerful Words materials for September. Please click the following links to download your files, ok?

Read our blog entry introducing this month’s Powerful Word –> http://sidekicks.me/2012/09/making-yourself-do-whats-right-even-when-you-dont-feel-like-it-discipline-septembers-powerful-word/

Pick up your Powerful Projects from an Instructor or visit the front desk.

As always, it’s our honor and our pleasure to have you in our family. Thank you for helping to make our program as awesome as it now is (and getting better every day in every way!)


Advanced Concealed Carry Class and Force on Force with Shoot/Don’t Shoot Scenarios Class – September 15th

Who else wants to be prepared for life threatening encounters? Advanced Concealed Carry Class and Force on Force with Shoot/Don’t Shoot Scenarios Class coming up on Saturday, September 15th. Hosted at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers i

n FishHawk, these two classes will go beyond the basics concealment carry to include stress inoculation and how to defend yourself using a firearm in a variety real-life scenarios. Space is limited to 25 people. Get the details and register online:http://www.counterassaulttraining.com/


Stripe Evaluation & Pre-Tests, All Paperwork and Fees for Testing are Due Sept 24 – 28

In order to be eligible for their next belt exam, students must earn a series of 4 Motivational stripes on their belts. These are earned after completing and demonstrating proficiency on a number of benchmarks needed to proceed to the next level. Students test for their stripes during class. For more information on what benchmarks are needed to complete each stripe, visithttp://sidekicks.me/?page_id=566

This is the final stripe evaluation before testing. All pertinent paperwork is due at this time. These forms include the Testing Application, Parent Evaluation, Teacher Evaluation, and the Test Fee.


Belt Rank Testing – September 29th

This is the general testing for all students eligible to test for their next belt rank. Students should become eligible by earning a series of four motivational stripes on their belts for meeting each of the outlined benchmarks for their particular level. Belt Rank Specific curriculum booklets can be found at: Curriculum/Journal Pages

Adult Color Belts: 8:00 AM

Junior Color Belts: 10:00 AM

Little Dragons: 12:00 PM (noon)

Super Dragons: 1:15 PM

For your convenience, we have opened up registration for Testing online. After registering for testing, please print out your e-mailed receipt and attach it to your testing application when you test for your fourth stripe the week of December 12th.


Black Belt Club – Saturday September 22 (10:30 – Noon)

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