Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 1.20.20 AMThis month we will focus on the powerful word, “vision.”

We often talk about the goals we want to achieve in the beginning of the year. But achieving our goals becomes more believable and achievable when we can picture what they will look like once they’ve already been achieved. This is where visioning becomes a vital part of the goalsetting process.

When we engage in visioning, we picture exactly who will be present, what we will feel or hear, what we will say and what will occur when we achieve our goal. It readies our mind and gives us a clear path of where we are heading and how we will get there.

According to our Child/Teen Development Specialist, Dr. Robyn Silverman, vision is a 5- part process: See it, Sense it, Say it, Believe it, Achieve it. In our classes, we find that those who use vision as part of goal-setting are more likely to realize their goals. Visioning prepares the goal-setter and gets him/her motivated.

Goal-setting and visioning are important skills for everyone– including children– to learn and use. The earlier they learn, practice, and incorporate these skills into their lives, the more adept they will be when the stakes are higher as they get older. Research tells us that the more specific, timely, and appropriately challenging the goals are, the more beneficial they are for motivation and learning.

Studies support the idea that if we write down our goals, report on them, stay accountable to another person and make active commitments to achieve a goal, it is more likely that the goal will be achieved (i.e. See Gail Matthews study out of Dominican University). Vision supports a more involved relationship with a goal so that the goal-setter knows where s/he is heading, how s/he will get there and what will happen when that goal is achieved. Visioning sets the goal within the goal-setter’s sight line and therefore, seems more “in reach.”

Those who can take the power of vision and goal-setting and convey it to others possess a great leadership skill. When leaders provide others with a clear vision of their goals and plan, others are more likely to help!

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