The Powerful Word of the month is “Patience.”

Patience has a simple definition; waiting without complaining! While patience might be a simple concept to grasp, it isn’t an easy mind-set to master! For children, it can be especially challenging as, like most people, they don’t like to wait!

Young children who are developing “waiting skills,” may not understand the reason they must wait. They also may not comprehend how much time needs to pass before they get their turn. As children mature, they are able to wait for longer periods of time with more understanding and patience.

Patience involves other Powerful Words like empathy, self control and respect. It also takes time, practice and experience. That means, it takes patience to learn patience.

When children discover the rewards that come from waiting, they will be more inclined to be patient. While using patience, a child discovers;

  • patience with saving money allows him to buy something he really needs or
  • waiting for others to come to the dinner table often leads to praise and appreciation.
  • patience with friends can help avoid misunderstanding and inaccurate conclusions.

While many might hope for “instant gratification,” life reminds us in many ways that “sometimes you have to wait!”

Research tells us that while it can be difficult to delay gratification and wait, it’s worth it! A famous study by Stanley Milgram asked children to choose between eating one big marshmallow right away or getting to eat two if they wait. There was a lot of temptation! In follow up studies, the data suggest that the children who were able to resist immediate gratification grew up to have better college exam scores, better health and better jobs.

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