Blog_meangirlsSnarky comments. Curled up lips. Whispers. “That look.” People ask me where we learn the “fat is bad” so early. Studies tell us that 3-6 year old girls are worried about being fat. Studies also tell us that children who are considered overweight are more likely to have fewer friends, be teased, drop out of school, and even attempt suicide. (see my video that tells more)

And it continues. I mean, children grow up.

And in our culture, many don’t grow out of social norms, they grow into them. Discrimination continues to follow people, especially females, into the work place, making it difficult to secure a financial future. In particular, people who are considered “overweight” are not hired as often, are paid less, are charged more for employee insurance coverage, and are more likely to be fired because of their appearance than people of more average or low weights.

Perhaps that’s why it’s not all that surprising that a new study shows that very thin women are getting higher pay than women who are considered to be at a more average weight. And the men? The opposite. Very thin men are paid less than their average-weight peers. And the more they weigh, the more they get paid.

Studies even tell us that people who are considered “overweight” are less likely to secure jobs in the first place—their thinner peers are being chosen over them. What’s going on here?

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