Weight Loss Challenge Day 1:

Last night, we had our first weigh-in for the biggest loser style competition.  Twelve brave people showed up and put up their entry to join the competition.

Our competition is based upon who can lose the most weight in a 13 week period and I think this one is going to set up nicely a few future transformational life projects I want to do in the future.  Those programs are designed to begin and end at predetermined periods with specific goals outlined and results achieved.  But, those are projects that are still in development and I’m sure we can discuss that another day.

As for the Biggest Loser-style comp, my initial weigh in, as of January 25th was 334.4 pounds.  Yikes!  Now, it wasn’t a compete surprise because I weighed myself the day I bought the new scale and it was actually more.  Still, for someone who’s always been active, 2009 wasn’t very kind to me.  Collectively, the 13 of us weigh 2,799 pounds.

After a long night with a very fussy Jonas, I woke up excited on the first day of the challenge.  This certainly goes to the power of intention.  Because I have already envisioned the outcome I’m looking for and even taken some measurable action, my body has begun adapting to help me be successful.  Your brain is so powerful that it can even cause physical change can occur.

Even though I was charged up and ready to go, I was running late.  Having 1 month old twins has certainly affected the flow of my daily schedule, but in a good way.  Normally, when my schedule gets disrupted it would be easy to postpone starting the proper eating portion of losing weight.  However, that would make it easy to never start.  It’s been my experience that things don’t really have to be perfect to start, because you’ll never start.  Take action now.  If you mess up, it’s ok, simply tare and ger right moving forward.

So, what have I eaten today? (January 26 edition):

Breakfast: Skipped – I promise not to do that again, but I really was running late getting to the school and teach class.  It’s really important to each breakfast though.

Lunch: In a rare event, I ate lunch with Mrs. Cabrera at Subway since she was down here in FishHawk.  I had a tuna salad, salad with vinegar as the dressing.

Dinner: I at chicken fajitas at Chili’s with Master Cabrera, both Mrs. Cabrera’s, Master Elmore, Jonas & Manny.  I love fajitas, and when I’m trying to watch what I eat, it’s one of the better choices because if you can get them to not use a lot of oil to sauté and you skip the tortilla and the “boat” (the sour cream, cheese, lettuce and tomato) it’s not bad for you.  Definitely could be one of my go-to meals.

Since we’re talking about what goes into your body, I want to caution you about hidden calories out there.  Many people overlook what they drink as a possible source of unwanted derailment of a good eating plan.  For the duration of this project I’m not going to consume any alcohol or sugary drinks (I’m not really a drinker anyway, but I’m a big fan of Dr. Pepper).  I’m also reducing the amount of diet soft drinks because I believe that they make it easy to overeat.   In addition, I would like to break what can only be described as a caffeine dependency.

Tip: Try to drink at least 1 gallon of fluid per day and at least 64 ounces should be comprised of just water.  You’ll feel better, I do.  Make sure that you maintain proper sodium levels in your system, because too much water can deplete you of that.

I will e-mail out to everyone in our challenge a complete list of what I’m following, but is largely based on trying to eat lower calorie, higher protein, and manage to spread it out so that it doesn’t spike my insulin levels by dumping a giant amount of food into my system.   I also want to combine my foods in the right way.  Food combining is a method followed by the Gracie family, who created the modern martial art form of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (which I’m working towards earning my blue belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu, by the way).  You have to be especially careful when eating out because extra calories and sugar sneaks into the sauces used on what would normally be a healthy meal (like salad dressing).  When possible, I try to get it without.

We had our first Warrior X-Fit class since beginning the competition and it was packed!  The workout was really tough too.  I should know since there was a point where I was so dizzy that I had to sit down for a moment and then mostly instruct the last couple of rounds.

All in all, Day 1 was a success.  I look forward to seeing what the rest of the competition shapes up to be.  I hope, even, if they don’t win the competition that the contestants all experience explosive change.

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