KFM is NOT a martial art. It was not born or reinvented in the ‘dojo’; KFM was born on the streets of Spanish gypsy origin. It has grown, developed and matured on the streets and the KFM Instructor Development Program is now a direct consequence of real events, experiences and subsequent years of investigation. KFM is an amazing multi dimensional journey into the world of self-discovery. KFM was born in the 1950’s and therefore old and primitive traditions do not bind it, nor do they limit the never-ending process of evolution. If we are to truly grow and develop as human beings then we must first break free from all past conditioning. Learning is non accumulative, therefore we cannot store learning as we can knowledge, learning occurs on a daily basis and once we have ‘learnt’ something it becomes Knowledge which is now of the past. KFM is an art form dedicated towards the study and investigation of survival of the modern day streets. It is in a state of constant evolution, never standing still and fuelled by research and investigation. You must allow yourself to evolve and grow on a daily basis if you are to truly absorb the essence of KFM and KFM lives in the blood and not in the collection of techniques.


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