…and Mr. Cabrera

Master Cabrera and I are in Jacksonville at the headquarters of Karate America.  That’s right, headquarters.  Karate America is the largest martial arts school organization in the world owned by a single owner with over 35 locations.  They’re owned by Chief Master Bill Clark, an eight degree black belt in Songham Taekwon-Do.

Anyways, we arrived in Jacksonville at 4:30 AM on Friday after leaving Tampa at about 12:30 AM.  We then slept about two hours got up and then went to our first session with Chief Master Clark.  There’re really two separate events going on this week.  The first part, which was on Friday and Saturday morning was on some business systems.  It was really great meeting people from around the world.  We even met a few people from the UK who’ll be down in Tampa in a few weeks and may even stop by to visit us at our school.

So, there are two programs that we experienced here that we’re going to add to our martial arts program.  They’re both aimed at the adult segment and like traditional martial arts, they’re pretty exciting.

Saturday, after we got done with the business seminar, we worked out with Chief Master Clark, utilizing his new program called Warrior X-Fit.  It’s an enjoyable, safe, and challenging program which combines the most effective components of martial arts, strength, and cardiovascular training.  The foundation of it is all exercises that we use now in our martial arts program, however, the trick is that it’s utilizing interval training to amp up the process. 

It starts at your current fitness level and then by tracking your results through a special fight journal you steadily make progress towards becoming black belt fit.  I did only two exercises units of 6 intervals; and I have to tell you it totally kicked my butt!  That means it is definitely something we’re going to have to do.  Look for some of the exercises to end up in class when I get back and then for a 15 rounds to fitness class to start in about a month (as soon as we finish certifying in the program).

The next part of what we’ve been doing up here is the Instructor Certification for Keysi Fighting Method (KFM).  Keysi is a martial art from Spain, developed for the purpose of being effective in a street fight against two or more attackers.  It involves a lot of close-quarters fighting and is very physical and definitely intense.  This is definitely one of the best programs for effective self-defense to come along in some time and Sidekicks is one of the first schools in the United States to become an official training center.  We’re actually among about 45 people, most of them Chief Master Clark’s instructors to attend this first instructor certification in the United States.

After yesterday, I was so soar, I could hardly walk.  But the work and activity that we’re doing is really interesting and will definitely help us fulfill the needs of the adult martial arts student.  Saturday we covered the white grade, Sunday we covered the yellow grade, and today we’re going to start in on the orange grade.  Mostly what we’re covering is how to teach the material because none of the techniques are really new.  Although, the concept of anti-grappling has certainly piqued my interest. 

For more information about either program that we’re going to be adding to our schedule, please visit:



In the case of both programs, they utilize the internet pretty intensely to help you train at home.  In fact, you can go online and start learning some of the moves today!  Warrior x-fit’s website component is free, however there is a small fee to be part of KFM.  I’m pretty excited, and I’ll give everyone a taste of what we’re doing in these two programs at Black Belt Club on Saturday the 20th!


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