Master Cabrera, Mr. Ryan Cabrera, and I went to the MMA Fights at the St. Pete Times forum this past weekend (March 2nd).  It’s the first time we’ve been to one hosted by XFC: X-Treme Fighting Championships.  While some of the things that were going on were interesting, I liked the fact that all of the fighters were pretty much new to the Pro-MMA game, which meant that in some cases there were a few wild bouts with a lot of action.  In other cases, however, the fight was over in little over a minute into the first round.

One highlight for me was to see Pro-Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.  Even though we weren’t on the floor we had really great seats right on level with the Octagon which meant that there were only a few times we needed to look at the jumbo-tron.

It seems like a low-cost way to see some good MMA action and be able to go as a group.  The next one is in June and if anyone’s interested we’ll arrange a group outing for teens and adults to go to the fights. 

 Mr. C.

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