A lot of attention gets focused on what it takes to be successful.  This month we’ve been focusing on the Powerful Word “Perseverance.”  In a previous post, I discussed how I believed that perseverance was the glue that held everything together in achieving your goals and becoming successful.  That’s certainly true, but what happens once you’ve reached your goal?  You get to the point where you reach your goal, now what?

For us here at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers, we like to look to our martial arts philosophy of Choongsil, which translated means “Constant and Never-ending improvement.”  It comes from the Japanese concept of Kaizen and was originally a manufacturing concept designed to reduce the number of defects in the manufacturing process. 

In the video below, Martial Arts Instructor / Success Coach, Manny Cabrera III wraps up talking about "Perseverance" the Powerful Word at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers. He describes what you should look to do after you’ve persevered and achieved your goals. The Powerful Words Character Development Program was created by the nation’s leading child development specialist, Dr. Robyn Silverman.

Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers is a private martial arts personal development center, located in the town of Lithia of Hillsborough County FL. Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers teaches children, teens, and adults first and foremost character education and personal success development training through the martial arts.

SIDEKICKS’s martial arts curriculum consists of the Traditional martial arts, grappling, realistic self-defense, and kickboxing.

For more information on the best martial arts training in Hillsborough County FL, give us a call at (813) 661-2224 and ask how you can get started!

Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers is located at 16633 FishHawk Blvd. Lithia, FL 33547

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